When is the best time to schedule a NEWBORN session? 

  • Most clients schedule their photo session between 1-3 weeks after birth. (It all depends on how mom and baby recover, and when mom feels up for it!)

  • I typically schedule about 1-week in advance so if you’d like the photos soon after birth, I recommend that you contact me as soon as you’re in labor or right after baby arrives. (Sometimes I can fit you in sooner, but it just depends on the flexibility of your schedule and when other clients have their babies.)

  • I only use natural window light for my sessions. The lighting in your home will vary depending on the size and number of windows in your home, and the time of day. Typically the lighting will be best sometime between 10am and 4pm, and often certain rooms will be brightest depending on which direction they face.

What is a NEWBORN session like?

  • I totally understand getting your photos taken can be awkward and stressful. Especially after just having a baby! But the one nice thing about a newborn session is that you always have something (that’s really sweet, beautiful) to hold and interact with!

  • I typically walk through your home and offer suggestions of where I think the photos will look best, based on the lighting. But I always love when clients have input! If you would love to have specific types of photos taken, let me know.

  • I will help guide you through the basic poses, like how to hold the baby, where to look, etc. I will also give you some actions and tips to help things feel more relaxed and candid.


  • Most newborn sessions are around 1-hour.

  • Each session time will vary slightly because babies are unpredictable and I completely understand that! I’ve had three babies and each of them was very different. Some may sleep the whole time, others may need fed/changed/calmed, and I don’t ever want you to feel stressed or rushed! I’m also happy to snuggle a baby, or help entertain a toddler when needed.

  • I will always make sure we get a variety of images and that everyone is happy!



  • Newborn session galleries are sent within 1-week of the session. I try to work as quickly as possible so that you get the photos back while your baby is still fresh and new!


  • The main thing you need to prepare is your home. I typically take photos in the nursery, master bedroom, living room, or wherever has the most window light. Some rooms are brighter in the morning or afternoon depending on which direction they face, so keep that in mind when selecting a time to schedule your session.

  • Even if the window light isn’t ideal, my Nikon D850 is pretty amazing even in low light, so basically all you need to do is make sure your home looks how you want it to in the photos. That being said, nothing is a requirement! If you don’t feel like cleaning your bedroom or the nursery isn’t set up, I can always try and crop to certain views, or find a little corner that has perfect natural light. Because that’s really all I need :)

  • Since I am primarily a “lifestyle photographer” (aka: candid, documentary, etc), I don’t bring props or backdrops. But you are welcome to include anything you’d have! Some clients provide a special basket, bassinet, letterboard, accessories, quilt, etc. (But don’t let this stress you out. Other clients prefer just the baby and a swaddle blanket, and the photos are still perfect! This is completely up to you!)

  • The last thing you would need to prepare is outfits / accessories (hats, headbands, etc.) See more details on that below…

CAN I INCLUDE extra people or pets?

  • 100% YES! Siblings, grandparents, best friends, aunts, etc. All are welcome to have their photo taken with the baby at no extra cost.

  • Furry family members are always welcome too! Depending on your pets’ personalities, I have a variety of tricks to try and get them in the shot.

What do we wear?

  1. Your clothing should both reflect your personality and also be something you feel comfortable in!

  2. Some clients prefer to be casual and wear jeans or leggings and a blouse, while others prefer a dress. If you can’t decide, wear both! We will have time for two different outfits if you’d like to change in the middle.

  3. My personal style preference for sessions is the “light airy look” which is typically pastels and/or neutral colors such as white, cream, peach, beige, grays, blues, etc. But if you love bright colors or dark, moody contrast, then please just ignore me! Because again… the photos should be YOU! And that’s what I want to capture.

  4. If your husband and kids are joining, I love complimentary outfits! But not everyone has to wear white polos and khakis, if you know what I mean :)

  5. For the baby…the options are endless! And we can do as many outfit changes as the baby allows. (Some hate to be changed and it makes them super angry. But others don’t mind at all!) Some ideas are: your favorite onesie (so you can see their cute legs and toes) , a trendy knotted onesie dress, swaddled in your favorite blanket, or my personal favorite: “natural” aka - just in a diaper! If you are looking for cute newborn outfits, here are a few of my favorites: Lucy Lue Organics, Mebie Baby, and Lou Lou and Company.

  6. Lastly, here is a gallery of outfit ideas with a few different styles and color choices that might help when trying to choose!