When is the best time to schedule a maternity session? 

  • Most clients schedule their photo session between 28 and 36 weeks. (It all depends on how much you’re showing, and which phase of pregnancy you’d like to capture. I recommend not scheduling too close to your due date, for obvious reasons like babies having their own timeline!)

  • A maternity session doesn’t have to be during the above time range. It could be a pregnancy announcement or gender reveal session, or both! I’m happy to offer a discount if you would like to schedule multiple maternity sessions.

  • The lighting for outdoor sessions is best during the 1-2 hours before sunset or during the 1-2 hours after sunrise.

  • The lighting for indoor sessions varies depending on the location, but is typically best between 10am and 4pm.

What is a maternity session like?

  • I totally understand getting your photos taken can be awkward. But the one nice thing about a maternity session, is that you always have something to do with your hands!

  • I will help guide you through the basic poses, like how to hold your belly, where to look, etc. I will also give you some actions and tips to help things feel more candid… and fun!

  • I typically offer suggestions of where I think the photos will look best, based on the lighting. But I always love when clients have input! If you have a favorite flower, color scheme or look that you like, let me know!

  • Feel free to bring any props you’d like to include. Some clients will bring an ultrasound photo, blanket, letterboard, chalkboard, special baby outfit, baby shoes, etc. (But don’t let this stress you out. Other clients don’t bring anything and the photos are still perfect! This is completely up to you!)


  • Most maternity sessions are around 30-minutes. (I know what you’re thinking. Is that really enough time?! But trust me… eventually you’re going to get bored of smiling and touching your belly in 10 different ways!)

  • Each session time will vary slightly depending on the location. Some parks require more walking to get to different spots.

  • In 30-minutes I take an average of 400 images and keep things efficient by moving and changing poses. I promise I will always make sure that we get enough variety and everyone is happy!



  • Maternity session galleries are sent within 1-week of the session. I try to work as quickly as possible so that you get the photos back well before your baby arrives!


  • 100% YES! Furry family members are always welcome too! Depending on your pets’ personalities, I have a variety of tricks to try and get them to perform in the shot.

  • The only thing that pets will impact is location options. (Some locations don’t allow pets.) But I know plenty of spots that do!

What do we wear?

  1. Your clothing should both reflect your personality and also be something you feel comfortable in!

  2. Some clients prefer to be casual and wear jeans and a sweater, while others prefer a long, flowy dress. If you can’t decide, bring both! We will have time for two different outfits if you’d like to change in the middle.

  3. My personal style preference for sessions is the “light airy look” which is typically pastels and/or neutral colors such as white, cream, peach, beige, grays, blues, etc. But if you love bright colors or dark, moody contrast, then please just ignore me! Because again… the photos should be YOU! And that’s what I want to capture.

  4. If your husband and kids are joining, I love complimentary outfits! But not everyone has to wear white polos and khakis, if you know what I mean :)

  5. If you are looking for a maternity dress, my clients have found theirs on Amazon, EBay and my personal favorite: Pink Blush.

  6. Here is a gallery of outfit ideas with a few different styles and color choices that might help when trying to choose!