I'm Natalie.

I spend my free time going on bike rides, sculpting Play-Doh, and playing dress-up with my three kids, Calvin (5), Lucy (3) & Theo (1). My husband and I love exploring Columbus! You will often find us at COSI, the Columbus Zoo, the Metro Parks, or exploring all of the amazing suburbs.  In my dream world, I would eat out every meal because Columbus has so many great restaurants! (And cooking is not my strength…) I also love traveling anywhere and everywhere, especially if there's a beach or mountains. 

My love for photography began at a young age when I would borrow my mom’s camera and “waste too much money” on film and developing. (Because in those days, you had to buy the film, then pay to send it off for printing.) My dad was always reminding me, “It costs $0.37 every time you push the shutter!” But I just loved capturing people and life. Later in high school, I was finally able to develop my own film in the dark room photo lab.

I went on to graduate with my bachelors degree in communication and marketing, but photography was always my passion. I worked in corporate communication for several years and then when my son Calvin was born, I decided to take a leap, quit my job, and jump into my business full-time. It was scary, but also the best decision I’ve ever made!

My style changed dramatically after I had Calvin. All of the sudden it wasn't so much about capturing the "perfect poses" but about capturing the beauty and happiness of real life. I find it in the giggling smiles, little chubby toes, the natural light of windows, and that feeling as you snuggle your perfect newborn baby. 

I feel so grateful I get to spend my life working in a career I love.