What do we wear?

I don't want to sound like your mom but... be yourself! My clients' wardrobes range from jeans and beanies to suits and long dresses, to vintage hats and scarves. When in doubt, dress up! Some basic things to remember are that blazers flatter the male figure, heels flatter the female body, and the most important thing is you feel good about yourself. My personal style preference for maternity and newborn photography sessions is light airy or neutral colors (ivory, beige, light gray, light peach, etc). I know you think black will make you look skinnier, but trust me when I say... light is better.   For family sessions, I love complimentary outfits, but not everyone has to wear white polos and khakis, if you know what I mean :) If you have more specific questions, please feel free to ask!


When is the best time to schedule a session? 

• Outdoor sessions – lighting is best 1-2 hours before sunset or 1-2 hours after sunrise
• Indoor sessions – lighting is best between 10am and 3pm
• Maternity sessions – between 32 and 37 weeks
• Newborn sessions – anytime within the first month (or within the first 48 hours if it's a hospital session)